Physics for Computer Games

Instructor: Dr. Elif SÜRER

Physics For Computer GamesAs computers are getting more powerful, game industry tends towards producing more "realistic" games. This course aims to build basic skills of implementing fundamental physics knowledge to produce more realistic games. The course provides the basics of classical mechanics and numerical methods to solve typical physics problems of game programming. After a gentle introduction to game physics by presenting basic concepts, kinematics, force and kinetics, collision are given together with mathematical tools that are frequently used for physics based game programming. Programming studio sessions will provide an opportunity to share programming practices among participants. Students conduct game projects on different platforms such as PC, PSP, Wii and Xbox 360.



  • Maths of Particles
  • The Laws of Motion
  • Particle Physics Engine
  • Forces
  • Springs
  • Hard Constraints
  • Mass-Aggregate Physics
  • Maths of Rotations
  • Rigid Bodies
  • Collision Detection
  • Generation Contacts
  • Collision Resolution