Music and Sound Production in Games

This is an applied method course designed to familiarize students with the language of computer music and sound production. Prerequisite knowledge of music is not necessary. This course aims at presenting fundamentals of music composition and sound production based on applied method and theory. Most of the subjects will be practised by students with related to the media and software's that lets them feel the aesthetics and artistic side of creation in game design. Students will not only take part in a production as the creators, but also the users or testers. Also artists can be invited to the lessons to demonstrate how they do their jobs. The course will aim to let all students to feel the aesthetics of sound design, beginning computer music history, fundamentals of music composition for games, sound design and editing with related hardware and software, aesthetics of using sound and music in games, relation of sound and visual arts, art of voice-overing and dubbing, the place of sound during a game production as a team work (with examples of "Making of Sound and Music in Games" from the leader companies of the market.

By successful completion of this course the students will:
  • Learn the basics of music composition and sound design
  • Learn the basics of sound recording with the usage of related equipment
  • Learn how to edit a sound file with related processes and effects using software

Music and Sound Production in Games
  • Sound in Computers and Computer History
  • Role of Sound and Music in Visual Media
  • Basic Sound Design
  • Sound Design Fundamentals
  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Sound Foley Creation
  • Introduction to Sound Editing Software
  • Basic Music Composition
  • Fundamental Principles of Composition
  • Area of Usage of Computers in Music
  • Introduction to the Language of MIDI
  • Electronic Musical Instruments and Hardware
  • Elements of a Workstation to Make Music
  • Basics of Sound Synthesis and Sampling
  • Introduction to Music Sequencers
  • Usage of Sound and Music in Game Art
  • Added Value of Sound to Visual Art
  • Role of Music in Game Atmosphere