Modelling Outdoor Virtual Environments for Simulation and Games

Instructor: Dr. Erdal YILMAZ


This course aims to present the fundamentals of outdoor virtual environments in computer games and simulation applications. Outdoor virtual environments cover; terrain, geography, vegetation, sky, the Sun, the Moon, rain, snow, seasons etc. Besides these natural phenomena, life layer entities will also be mentioned during the course. Good knowledge of these components helps game developers to design and create better titles throughout their professional life. A practical knowledge of programming language (C++, C# or Java) is a prerequisite for this course.    

  • Introduction to Virtual Outdoor Environments TerrainModelling Outdoor Virtual Environments for Simulation and Games
  • Terrain Data Sets
  • Real and synthetic data sets
  • Structure, storage and streaming, morphing
  • Terrain generation and display algorithms
  • Surface Visualization
  • Terrain texturing by using real or synthetic raster data
  • Water Features
  • Sea and Lakes
  • Rivers
  • Vegetation, Tree and Grass
  • Sky, Sky Boxes and Sky Domes
  • Seasons
  • Astronomy
  • Dynamic Natural Events
  • Wind
  • Rain and Snow
  • Life Layer
  • Live entities
  • Vehicles and Structures