Long-Term Social Interaction with Virtual and Robotic Tutors

Dr. Zerrin Kasap
With the advances in the field of embodied conversational agents and socially interactive robots, today people are able to communicate with embodied entities using natural ways of communication. However, these interactions are mostly short-term interactions that occur during one interaction session and they are not suitable for everyday use. We present a novel long-term social interaction framework for interacting with virtual characters and human-expressive social robots. Our primary goal is to develop a system that can still keep the attention of the users after the first interaction. Incorporating the notion of time into the interaction, we think that the key to long-term interaction is the recall of past related events during current conversation. Episodic memory is a core concept for realizing this goal as it can store past information in the form of interaction episodes. Afterwards, both emotional and task-related information can be retrieved from episodic memory in order to create continuous relationships with the users. We will present our results through case studies conducted with real users and accompanied with demonstrations.
Zerrin Kasap is a computer scientist specialized in social human-computer interaction. She obtained her PhD in Computer Science at MIRALab, University of Geneva, Switzerland in March 2011. Following that she has been a visiting researcher at Institute for Media Innovation, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Her research is about all aspects of social interaction with intelligent autonomous agents such as emotion/personality modeling, artificial memory, dialogue and expressive behaviour generation. Since she joined MIRALab in 2006, she has been actively involved in European projects such as INDIGO, HUMAINE, PlayMancer and 3DLife. For five years, she was also Editorial Assistant of the Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds Journal.

Long-Term Social Interaction with Virtual and Robotic TutorsLong-Term Social Interaction with Virtual and Robotic TutorsLong-Term Social Interaction with Virtual and Robotic Tutors