Artificial Intelligence in Computer Games

Instructor: Dr. Çağatay ÜNDEĞER

The course presents the theoretical basics of artificial intelligence (AI) and their application to behavior modeling in game development. The first part will introduce common AI architectures, which can be used in game design, and the second part will cover basic AI techniques towards entity behavior modeling.

Artificial Intelligence in Computer Games Image

  • Introduction to Common Game Components
  • Introduction To Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • AI Architectures
  • Decision Taking
  • Search and Path Planning
  • Group Behaviors
  • Script Programming


Project Topics

  • Strategy game with attack and defense behavior of two opposing forces
  • Hide and escape behavior of a group of tanks against a helicopter attack
  • Follow and help behavior
  • Dog fight
  • Traffic simulation
  • Two body (soldier) defense supported forward movement
  • Firing with bombs and missiles against a moving target
  • Backgammon like game
  • Intelligent sensing while moving
  • Bird behavior
  • A generic AI engine development