Music and Sound Production in Games

Dr. Tolga Tem / Sebit Inc.


All arts imitate music and also music imitates the nature like other arts. Nature is full of artistic futures and human likes to be a part of it. The ones are lucky who can feel the mysteries in it. So what is the difference between just hearing or listening the nature? What do musicians learn to be able to solve those mysteries and how composers bring those lovely tunes together? What is harmony in music and where does it come from?
What is the role of sound in visual arts and in computer games? How would we react to a cinematic action without any sound? Can a sound or a music piece (without any visual) create its own images or scenes in our minds and imagination? Is there any language in sound which also effects the visual expressions?
The aim of this course is to improve our awareness in music and sound by putting you in the place of a music or sound creator with the use of basic skills and software needed. Let's see some examples from the subject and try to create of our own world of sound around us. No prerequisite knowledge of music or music technology is required for this course but a sense of music and interest is advised.
Tolga Tem graduated from Composition Department, Music and Performing Arts Faculty at Bilkent University in 1996. Later he received his Master of Music and Doctor of Music in Composition degrees from Bilkent University. He has given lessons in Bilkent University until 2002 and he is still teaching in Baskent University and Hacettepe University Music Conservatories. Also he is working as the team leader of "Sound and Music Production Department" in Sebit Inc. since 1993. Sebit is involved with E-Learning projects and Computer Games.

Music and Sound Production in GamesMusic and Sound Production in GamesMusic and Sound Production in Games