About GATE

Computer game design and development is one of the rapidly growing areas of information technologies and entertainment industries. Computer games also constitute a sizeable research area based not only on the technical aspects of gaming but also aesthetics, user experience and interaction design. On the technical side, there are topics such as computer graphics and animation, game audio, game physics, modelling and simulation procedural content generation, hardware design and programming. On the design side, there are topics such as game aesthetics, visual design, interaction design, user experience (UX) evaluation and modelling, sound and music design. The extent and variety of disciplines involved in game technologies makes it a fertile interdisciplinary research domain.

METU Game Technologies (GATE) is a postgraduate program established in 2009 within the Informatics Institute at Middle East Technical University, one of the world's top ranked universities. The primary aim of the program is to educate the next generation game developers and designers. In addition, the program has a strong research component with a prominent interdisciplinary edge. The interdisciplinary aspects of the program are reflected not only in the academic backgrounds of the faculty who teach at the program (which include computer science and engineering, electronic engineering, industrial design, music, architecture among others) but also in the diverse backgrounds of enrolled students.
Informatics InstituteGATE-R Lab
There are two tracks in the program: Game Development  and Game Design. These tracks consist of related courses so that the students may choose either the more technical development aspects, or the less technical design aspects of games to concentrate on. The research and thesis work carried out by the students reflect novel and innovative aspects of cutting-edge research in game technologies. Research infrastructure at the disposal of GATE students and staff include the GameLab, the audio research lab, motion capture lab at the MODSIMMER building, and virtual reality research lab at the Informatics Institute building. 
The program has strong collaboration and research links with other game technology labs as well as game technology industry in Turkey, other countries in Europe and other overseas countries. The program is also supported by game companies in METU Technopolis as well as METUTECH-ATOM, the game technology pre-incubator in the METU Technopolis.
Our strong links with the game technology companies has resulted in the formation of our industry board. The members of this group of experts advise on and help steer the program by fine-tuning our academic curriculum with much-needed timely knowledge on the actual needs of the industry.
Industry Board members:
Simon ASHBY Co-founder - Audiokinetic Montreal Canada
Peter BLACKBURN Senior Gameplay Programmer - Ubisoft Montreal Canada
Mevlut DINC  CEO - Sobee Studios Istanbul Turkey
Ergun Kenan GUVENC General Manager - Pixofun Ankara Turkey
Giray ÖZİL Game Engine Programmer - Blizzard Entertainment Los Angeles USA
Soner SEN Senior Software Development Engineer - Microsoft Redmond USA

Hasan Dogu TASKIRAN Senior Software Development Engineer - Microsoft Seattle USA
Baris YAMAN CEO/Co-founder - Galata Labs San Francisco USA
Armagan YAVUZ Manager - Taleworlds Ankara Turkey